R04J Micro D MIL-DTL-83513 알루미늄 껍질

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Sample part number
How To Order Crimp Contact Connectors
R04J     -25      PI      W7       G       A1       D
R04J—standar type R04JA—fast lock type
R04JC—Sn-P bronze shell, finish nickel
R04JD—assembly hole is threaded hole:M2-6H
R04JS—glue sealing
Contact number:
9, 15, 21, 25, 31, 37, 51, 66, 74, 100pins
Contact type :
PI—pin in plug RH—socket in receptacle
Locking component type:
blank—without Regarding locking component type
Shell material and finish :
Blank—Aluminum shell,finish nickel G—Aluminum shell,finish cadmium
Cable clamp type:
blank—without A1—A1 type
A2—A2 type A3—A3 type
Extended Series:
Blank—standard type D—with anti-rotation slot on the outer shell
(9.6)—the width of flange is 9.6mm Q—widen the flange
(11.6)—the width of flange is 11.6mm C—the outlet direction of cable is vertical to contacts
Q8—the flange size and assembly hole size are enlarged from R04J crimp contact basic type

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